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Euganean Hills

THE KITCHEN is part of Petrarch in the beautiful and relaxed setting of the Euganean Hills Regional Park, unique landscape, characterized by the perfect combination between nature and art-historical settlements.

Located in the south-east of Mount Ventolone, surrounded by olive groves, year, Jujubes, enjoy the stunning views and a glimpse into a typical Euganean medieval village of Arquà Petrarca, and some clear day, you come to Venice and the Colli Bolognesi.

THE KITCHEN OF PETRARCA offers himself as the perfect starting point for cultural visits and walks along the nature trails.

The Euganean Hills are a place of environmental protection, unique ecosystem, where different varieties of flora and fauna are offered at the sight, in a perfect balance of harmony and beauty.
You can see many types of vegetation, from the Mediterranean to the forests of chestnut and oak, they live in protected wildlife species.

Among the paths and roads you can easily find porcupines, salamander, foxes and wild boars. There are also a large amount of volatile, colored by great tits, the imposing hawks, the mysterious owl.
Of great importance is the protection which the Euganean Hills Regional Park Reserve of agricultural products. Olive oil has a tradition dating from the eighteenth century, characterized by very fruity flavor and low acidity. Unique is also the "Jujube Soup", distilled typical, Taken from a fruit.

There are numerous places of historic interest as Petrarch Arquà, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. This medieval town you can admire the oratory of S. S. Trinity, already mentioned in a document 1181, which houses precious frescoes dating from the 1300 and the church of Santa Maria Assunta, on its churchyard is the tomb of the great poet. Situated between the beautiful streets of downtown, easily accessible, is that Petrarch chose the building as a home for his last year of life. The house, recently restored, be visited and also hosts an exhibition related to its shape.
On the southern slopes of Mount of the Madonna of Teolo, in addition to the shrine dedicated to the Virgin, next to the oratory of St. Anthony Abbot, lies a cave where tradition would lead a hermit's life Santa Felicita.

Within walking distance you can reach Padua, excellent city of tradition and culture. There are many places to visit, as the "meadow without grass" (Prato della Valle), or the legendary "coffee without doors" (Coffee Pedrocchi), and still the Padua University, Palace of Reason, Piazza delle Erbe and the Scrovegni Chapel frescoes by Giotto.

The Euganean Hills are proving a welcoming atmosphere and an excellent starting point for tours and excursions, where the flavors contribute to enhance the extraordinary beauty of the area.