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Culinary Tradition

LA CUISINE gourmet style of Petrarch is based on ancient culinary traditions of Venetian. The cooking methods, strettamente legati alla cultura contadina sono messi al servizio della qualità dei cibi, respect and protection of rules of origin and preparation.
The menu consists of local dishes accompanied by excellent proposals for the season, From the large variety of herbs and vegetables from local, served with care and attention.
Delicious soups and homemade pasta, excellent meat, chosen and prepared with care.

THE KITCHEN OF Petrarch suggests the oldest method of cooking, The spit, where once they were put to roast large pieces of meat or whole animals.
For lovers of good food are offered meat of excellence, strung on a spit and rotated slowly on the stove for hours. The heat is transferred by radiation, thus avoiding the direct contact between the source and the food. In this way, the fat melts and is collected in a special pan at the base of the spit.
The preparation, that requires long lead times and accuracy, has the advantage of enhancing the quality of meat, giving a unique flavor that proves!

THE KITCHEN OF PETRARCA offers its guests, depending on the season or on request, game, special cuts of meat and poultry, cooked on a spit.

This method of cooking can be observed directly from our guests through the spit over the fire EXPOSED, at the center of the room, creating an original atmosphere, cozy and intimate.

Cakes and biscuits made with simple ingredients will delight your palate, such as a large selection of fine spirits and brandies handmade.
To accompany the tempting dishes, la cantina propone un’accurata selezione di vini provenienti dalle riserve dei Colli Euganei e da Aziende Agricole locali e venete, tasted admiring the beautiful landscape that surrounds us.

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